How the iMapInvasives Partnership Works

Information for Interested States/Provinces:

Lead Partner Organization

Each participating state/province has an organization or agency that serves as the iMapInvasives Lead Partner Organization (LPO) for the state/province. The LPO, together with partners, ensures key tasks necessary for participation and data maintenance are completed. Examples of key tasks for a successful state/province invasive species database:

Core Functionality

All functionality funded and developed by the iMapInvasives Partnership is added to the core functionality and then made available to participating states/provinces. The programming for iMapInvasives is designed to facilitate incorporating a new state/province. There is a one-time programming fee to set up a new state or province.

State/Province-specific Functionality

Each state/province is empowered to set several parameters to meet the specific needs of their Users, for example:

To Become a Participating State/Province

First, identify a Lead Partner Organization (LPO) for the state/province – most LPOs are the state/province Natural Heritage Program (known by many different names; part of the NatureServe network). However, any agency/organization with the interest and dedication to manage invasive species data can be the LPO for their state/province.

More information

For additional information on participating in the iMapInvasives Project, including fee structure, contact: Meg Wilkinson, Invasive Species Database Program Coordinator, New York Natural Heritage Program, 518-402-8983.